Lion Mask for masquerade, PDF pattern.


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Lion Mask
It is our great pleasure to present to you our mask – Lion head mask.

You will be able to DOWNLOAD THE PATTERNS and instructions for the mask immediately after purchase.

Mask is designed to fit average adult head.

ONCE YOU BUY, you will get:
1. White templates in PDF in A4 or US letter size, so you can use coloured or patterned paper
2. Step-by-step instructions
3. Our help whenever you need:)

– Printer
– 17 sheets of A4 paper or US Letter paper
Pattern is ready to print both on US letter and A4 size papers, just use actual size option in printer preferences.

To print lion head base you can use thick paper (at least 220gsm [g/m2]) and print directly on it if your printer allowed to. Or you can print the templates on regular paper and transport them to thicker one or the cardboard. The optimal thickness is about 280gsm

– Double sided tape or glue stick and all-purpose adhesive
– Scissors and a craft knife.
– Ruler and blunt knife or knife with blunt side
– About 3-4 hours

—–> Maybe you want to create an lion head sculpture to decorate your apartment? Check out our Lion paper head Pre cut KIT here:

We work with passion and honest approach to our craft. Our goal is to bring you – our customers – as much fun as possible.
With that in mind each of our sculptures is prototyped in paper at least a few times before it is shown here. It can be a bumpy road – trust me:)
Each of our photographs shows the actual object made with our hands.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask – we’re here to help:)
You can make as many copies as you like, but please – use them for your personal, non-profit purpose.


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